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Custom Software Development

"We have used the custom LairTech-written Propawn software for 20 years and it has never let us down. If you need custom software look no further."

Dug Karlson, Co-Owner
Axel's Pawnshop

Welcome to LairTech

Custom Code

We build custom software from the ground up. Our customers are companies that need something more than what they can get off the shelf. If your company has specific requirements that do not fall within the confines of a template, then you've come to the right place. We build highly customized software applications driven by your business' mission statement.

  • Web & Mobile - Database driven .Net and PHP development with state-of-the-art, rock-solid tools. We build web applications with integrated security for e-Commerce, system administration and integration to your in-house systems.

  • Desktop - Windows based desktop applications that meet the needs of highly sophisticated, integrated corporate systems. Desktop applications can serve as just one piece of an overall solution that includes public facing web portals and database integration.

  • Databases - MS-SQL, MySQL and proprietary database design, conversion and integration. We can take the information that you have and create a sophisticated, relational database to drive your web and desktop applications.

  • Kiosk/Touch-Screen - We design user-friendly touch-screen applications. From information to entertainment and beyond. The cost of touch screens has come down significantly over the past few years. Now, you can have touch-screen based applications in your business.

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